Sunday, October 3, 2010

Great Weekend

In spite of the cold temps.....we had a great weekend here at the river.  Family and friends gathered around the campfire.....just can't beat that!
Here is the photo of the completed painting of the little squirrel.....Braveheart.  At least I think it is finished,  I may have to teak this or that before I send it off to auction.  

Tomorrow will be spent getting the fiver ready for travel mode.  We have been sitting in one place for quite awhile.....ya kinda spread out a bit over time....he, he!  We also have been cleaning out the basement and putting that stuff in temporary storage.  We want to make sure the 'Big Foot' folks have plenty of room to do their thing.  We head out on Tuesday......I'll be posting updates on the install and I hope photos.


  1. WOW! love the painting. You are so talented. He looks so sweet.

    Stay Safe

  2. What a beautiful picture of sweet little Braveheart. You did a great job.


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