Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fiver Decor

I finished these projects up a little while ago, but had not had a chance to post some photos.
A photo of my current bedroom decor......the new roman shades and valances are up, as well as the addition of the green pillows.  Now all I have to do is change out the dull beige set of pillows for something a little more fitting.  I'm thinking of actually painting pillows with some tropical flowers or lizards....something fun and colorful!
 My next project was to make a slip cover for my Art-Cart.  It is a nice cart and holds almost all my art supplies, but I just didn't like having all that out into the open in the living room.  Soooooo........
 Here you see the slip cover I made....the skirt is held by velcro to the cabinet and the little topper just lays over the top.  Easy on and easy off.....and now the piece blends in with my living room decor.
Of course, I won't be stopping here.  My little decorator brain is still hard at work with more schemes and dreams....much to the dismay of my darling husband.  Gotta love me.....don't ya deary.....LOL!


  1. Love the changes. The bedroom looks so colorful. Love what you did to your craft cabinet. You have a great decor eye.

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  2. Looks beautiful...So nice to be so talented..


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