Friday, October 29, 2010

Marion, Illinois

Here we are at the Marion Campground and RV Park in Marion, Illinois.   Not a bad place for an overnight stop.  Most of the sites are close together, but most are also pull throughs.  GoodSam got us the night for $29.00, full hook ups.  Sometime after dark another fifth wheel took the spot directly behind us.  Turned out to be an Americana.  So, this morning we introduced ourselves.  Their unit is brand new....just picked it up in Elkhart and are headed to Florida.  They are starting out just like we did.....this is their first rv and they are going full time.  I gave them my blogspot info and also turned them on to RV-Dreams.  That is one of the things I just love about this just never know who you are going to meet out here on the road!

We left the river yesterday around 11am, which is pretty good for us.  We had been sitting there a long time, so getting back into travel mode took a little time.  There is a long lane we have to back our way out of and once Bill cleared the lane, I stood there looking back.....thinking about all the good times we had this past summer.  How lonely the place looks now....quiet and still...but we are on our adventures await!


  1. Have a wonderful time.....Enjoy the good life! I think those Americana's are beautiful looking 5vers. They were just a bit to large for us. Does the couple you met (that also have an Americana) have a blog yet?

  2. Sorry, the other Americana couple do not currently have a blog.


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