Sunday, October 31, 2010

You are not going to believe this.....BUT

We found the nicest COE here in Arkansas.  Now, it is called "Toad Suck Park"....I kid you not, that is it's name. 
 The back of our campsite overlooking the Arkansas River
 Another view of our site.  There is nice spacing between most of the campsites.  We have water and electric here and because Billy is a senior.....we have it all for $10 per night.
Here is a photo of the dam and lock.  
Another bit of interesting info for you....we decided to stop at at walmart yesterday in Searcy, AK yesterday.  I programed it into our GPS....who we affectionately call the "B---H" (you get the picture) and took the exit she called out.  Turned right, again following her direction.  Next thing we know she is telling us that we have arrived.....NOT....not a walmart in sight.  We had to find a parking lot large enough to turn around in.  I got on my iphone and found the walmart and this time programed the address.  This time the "B---H" got us going in the right direction, but again proclaimed we had arrived well before we spotted the walmart sign. is the big thing...when we turned into the entrance we were greeted with one of those height restrictive barriers like you see for parking garages.  Seems this walmart does not want truck or rv traffic.  I have to admit the place was absolutely packed...looked like "black Friday", we would not have found a place to park even if we could get in.  There were probably 4 different entrances and all had the height restrictive barriers.  Needless to say, we boogied on down the road.  Sorry, I didn't think to get photos....I guess I was a bit in shock over the whole thing. 
Any...who, we are kicked back and relaxing her at Toad Suck's Park......which by the way definitely does not SUCK!


  1. Guess Wally didn't really want your business. May I ask ~ what is a COE?

    Love the pictures of your spot. The veiw is beautiful.

  2. I wonder how that Walmart gets its deliveries. That is too bad about the barriers - most RVers shop at Walmarts and probably spend lots of money in them. Maybe it is a city or county restriction - doesn't sound corporate.

    I've heard good things about Toad Suck but what a name!

  3. That name is too funny. We have come across Walmarts with those barriers on all sides but one, we could only enter in the back where the delivery trucks arrive.

  4. I love the name it looks like a beautiful place!

  5. Love the COE park name and the price is right, as well. This park will go into the camping notes.


  6. We are headed for Arkansas too! Will have to remember to avoid the WalMart in Searcy...

  7. It might help if you used the correct abbreviation for Arkansas. It is AR. AK is Alaska. My parents love to camp at Toad Suck. They have a festival in Conway called Toad Suck Days.

  8. Well, sorry....I guess geography was never my best class. So folks, it is Searcy Arkansas not Alaska!

  9. Walmarts with the barrier are usually as a result of a local city ordinance, not necessarily a Walmart policy. I call ahead to Walmart and talk to a manager about overnight parking, and we always buy groceries before departing. We stay at many Corps of Engineer parks. They are GREAT, and with the America the Beautiful card seniors camp for half price. The Corps of Engineers manage many of the lakes and resevoirs and usually have a campground. We really enjoyed Toad Suck.

  10. Bill and Deb,
    Great to see your on the road and hated it I missed seeing you before the trek west. We just bought a new 5th wheel with the big foot and look forward to it making life a bit less hectic.
    Take care and safe travels.


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