Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here we are at the Middlebury KOA.  Nice park....just overpriced like most KOAs, but it was convenient.  I have lived in Indiana most of my life and had never been to Shipshewana.  I enjoyed the history about the Amish and the area, but hated the crowds.  I think we spent about 3 hours there before we were both hot, tired, and overwhelmed by humanity.  Back to the fiver we went.....nap time!  Today we head back to the river.  Billy has a doctor's appointment on the 19th of October....sometime shortly after we will be heading west....we think.

 Here is a photo of our new jacks with the Plug-It-Right Stabilizers installed.  They do make a difference and we highly recommend them.  Big Foot sells Plug-It-Right.
A photo of the new heavier leaf springs being installed....we had springs rated at 3500lbs replaced with springs rated at 4000lbs.  They also re-packed the bearings....good move on our part because one of them needed to be replaced.  That is one of the things I like about RV America...the guys check out everything as they go making sure it is all in good working order.  Before we left, Ron the owner, got under the coach one last time just to make sure everything was in order and looking good.  We were also pleased with our bill....very fair for the work rendered!  They don't have a website yet, so if any of you need contact info drop me an email and I'll send it along.  RV America is located in Elkhart, Indiana.
Here is a look at the rear fiberglass repair we had done....again excellent work at a fair price.  They will also be replacing that metal panel.  I'll post a photo of the completed work next time.  Guess I'd better post and get back to those "pink activities" so we can get hitched and head down the road!

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  1. All in all, how have you liked your Americana 5ver? I really wanted to buy an Americana, but wanted to get a used model and there weren't any on the market a couple of years ago, at least that I could find. I think the folks there would have done a much better job of explaining things to me than did the woman who sold me the NuWa, and I would have probably been a much happier camper!


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