Monday, November 7, 2011

Nashville, Tenn

We arrived here in Nashville yesterday afternoon.  Our trip was uneventful....just the way we like it.  The only worry was pulling out of my Aunt's drive and up one very steep, curvy hill.  The truck did a little moaning, but up we went and on our way!  We called ahead to the Nashville Country RV Park to make sure they could handle us and they held a spot for us.  I have to say I was really surprised at the crowd...thought this would be a "slow" time of year for them....NOT!  We don't particularly like this place, but it is a Passport America discounted park.  Although the price seems to fluctuate at the whim of the owner and I got the impression from the "tone on the phone" that they really don't appreciate us "passport" folks.   So drop the program...don't give me any crap for simply taking advantage of something offered!  Don't advertise one price and charge another!  I will say, that at least we did get a nicer site than most.....
 We got one of those "sideways" sites and we do have 50amp service.  
 The sites across the way are very tight.  We meet up with another couple from Indiana parked over there and found they are paying the same price as we are and have less room and only 30amp service.  Interesting story about that couple, they were actually staying at the same RV park in Indiana that we did this past summer (AOK)....small world!
Today we plan on doing a little exploring, hopefully I have some photos for the next blog.  We plan on being here for a couple more days.....


  1. Glad to hear you are having safe travels! I bet the scenery this time of year is wonderful!
    Happy Travels and blogging!

  2. Let me know if you need anything...just a few miles up the road! 615-418-5229

  3. Do the Studio A tour. Where Elvis used to record. We stayed at that same park and had a site just like yours, thank goodness. Not impressed with the place but it worked while we toured.

  4. Nashville offers variety of things to do and see. It can be fun to spend a few days there.

  5. Those other site do look a bit crowded! Glad you got a good one. Hope you find lots of fun things to do.


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