Monday, November 28, 2011

Jacksonville Florida

Yes, we made it.  We are at another Passport America Park called Pecan Park RV Resort.  It is a nice park, close to shopping and the Jacksonville Zoo.  It is also close to the there are a couple of times during the day when the planes are a bit loud, but nothing too bad.  You are also right next to a flea market.....don't waste your time there...yuck!
Here is our site....all concrete and nice spacing between neighbors, plus all are pull throughs.  Our only problem is the concrete table and benches.  Although nice to have....really not enough room...we are going to need to be very careful when we pull out.
Ok, enough about the site on to the Zoo!  I loved it!  Lots of green space....clean and well maintained.  It definitely caters more to young families then some.  Train rides, carousel, and large playground area.  But all but the train ride is contained in one loop...the rest is all dedicated to the animals and some beautiful garden areas.  
Speaking of flowers.....didn't pay attention to what these were called, but they are stunning!
 Here is a catfish lounging around on a bed of fallen fall leaves....yes, he is underwater!
 Here is another underwater guest!
 A Florida Panther....catching some zzzzzz's!  Not the best photo as I had to shoot through glass....which does add a bit of distortion and fuzz.
 I think this is a Jaguar......very cool!
This guy is a black leopard, again the photo is taken through glass so not the best.  What I wish you could see from the photo, is that the "leopard spots" are still there...very faint, but still there.
I spent the entire day at the zoo....I was so tired last night that I was in bed before 8pm.  Today I gave the furballs a bath and we made plans to head for Mount Dora, Florida tomorrow.  One of my brothers lives close by and there is a really quaint downtown shopping area that I enjoy.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Hard to believe that catfish is under water. And the cats - WOW.

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  3. Mount Dora is a beautiful little city ~ Have fun!!! Loved the photos...
    Travel safe


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