Monday, November 14, 2011

Montgomery AL

Gosh, time just flies by these days!  We have been really enjoying our time here in Montgomery visiting with family.  My cousins have a beautiful home...back in the woods, cottage style, very cozy.  I really loved seeing it and visiting with them the past few days.  They have invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them at their home on St Simon Island, GA and we may just do that!
Today I'm hoping to visit the zoo here, but the weather may not cooperate.  They are forecasting rain here this afternoon.  I'm going to head over this morning and see what happens.
The park we are staying at is pretty nice.  Level, spacious lots....see for yourself....
Nice little concrete patio and our own little patch of grass for the furballs.  Capitol City RV Park
We will be heading out on Wednesday....heading over to Savannah GA for a few days.  Really excited to spend a few days there sight seeing!  One last photo before I close....
 I took this early morning yesterday...just as the sun was starting it's upward journey.  Pretty Awesome!


  1. Capital City RV Park is where we are planning on staying on our way south in a couple weeks. Glad to hear that you like it.

  2. Gorgeous sunrise... don't see too many like this!

  3. Wow what a gorgeous sunrise... Glad you're enjoying visiting family!
    Have fun & Travel safe


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