Saturday, November 19, 2011

Savannah Impressions

We made out trip to Savannah without any problems...I think it was around 2pm when we checked into the Hardeeville RV Park.  Hardeeville is actually in South Carolina, but it is only 10 miles from downtown Savannah and you can't beat the price.  They currently are running a special for Passport America can have that special rate ($21 for 50 amp) for as many days as you like.  I checked several of the Savannah rv parks and they were all in the high 40s and 50s.  The park is very nice has internet and cable, but that is about it.  Here is a photo of our site....
 As you can see, nice level site, gravel and nice patch of grass for the furballs.
Yesterday we headed for downtown Savannah our first stop being the visitors center.  The folks there were very helpful.  We found we could leave our truck parked in their parking area (first hour free, $1 an hour after that) and jump on the "blue dot" bus for free to travel around the city.  We caught the bus and headed for our first stop....Lafayette Square....
 Beautiful!  We decided to just walk from there to some of the other "squares"....exploring the historical downtown.  It is a mix of beauty and the not so beautiful as you often find in downtown areas.  We enjoyed our walk, but watch out for the is constant and everyone seems to be in a hurry!  
This is known as "The Pink House" restaurant and tavern.  Billy and I decided to have lunch here.  It was delicious and the atmosphere was wonderfully romantic and peaceful.  A welcome break form all the hustle and bustle of the outside traffic.  After lunch we walked down to the riverfront.....I didn't really enjoy that much....kinda of dirty....steep stairs....and uneven cobblestone streets that were very hard to walk on, but still I'm glad we saw it.  We headed back to the truck and then back to Hardeeville and two furballs who were very glad to see us especially since it was an hour past their dinner time....LOL!  Today we will venture out on another that may surprise some of you!


  1. Thanks for the great story and photos !

  2. We enjoyed our stay at Hardeeville RV Park and visiting Savannah, beautiful city. If I remember correctly the laundromat was free.

    Stay Safe

  3. I was there during the winter months, Dec-Feb., and loved the Riverwalk. It wasn't very crowded any time I was there and I try to avoid crowds!


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