Thursday, November 17, 2011

Perfect Timing!

Yesterday was a travel day....headed over to Elko GA....about 30 miles south of Macon.  They say "timing is everything" and that sure held true for us yesterday!  We left Montgomery around 9am....earlier then usual for us.  I don't know exactly when the severe weather hit Montgomery, but I know it did some damage and left many without power.  We managed to stay just ahead of the storm all day, arrived at Twin Oaks RV park early afternoon and were all set up and snug in our fiver when the storm finally caught up with us.  Luckily the worst of the storms stayed just to the north of us.  We had some thunder and lighting, some strong wind at times, but nothing severe.  
This little park we are in is very nice and the Passport America rate of $19 makes it even better!  Today is another travel day, making our way to Savannah and hopefully all the storms are well past and we can have a bit of dry weather for our visit there.  Oh yeah, I did make it to the Montgomery Zoo and had a fabulous time.  If you enjoy Zoos and are in the area don't pass this one up, it is one of the best small zoos I have seen!  Admission is only $10 and it is free to park....a real bargain!


  1. Montgomery Zoo is indeed a great zoo. Love the white Siberian Tiger.

  2. Glad to know you guys are safe. Thanks for posting and letting us know.

  3. I really liked the drive from Savannah to Birmingham and on to MS where I turned north. Savannah is absolutely lovely! Try to keep out of the way of storms, and safe traveling.

  4. we stayed at Twin Oaks over Thanksgiving in 2009. Nice park close to Plains and Andersonville Prison sites.

    Phil and Rudee

  5. Glad you were safe from the storm... Where are you staying in Savannah?
    Have fun & Travel safe


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