Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our last full day in Nashville was spent at the Fontanel Mansion...former home of Barbara Mandrell.  It was a great day.  There was only a total of 4 of us on the tour, so we got to really take our time.  Check out my photos....
Here is the front of the is supposed to be the largest log cabin in the US.
Large living room area
Where the kids used to hang can see Billy is quite at home there at the soda fountain...LOL!
Large indoor pool area.  The pool currently has a glass floor installed over it.
Part of the master bath.....
Master bath area...Barbara often used this as her "office"...there was a phone installed in one of the drawers.
These 3 bears where carved and set into the entrance of the family room and kitchen area.  They represent Barbara's 3 children.  Very cute!
After the tour we had dinner at the Farmhouse Restaurant located on the mansion property.  I had the best smoked pork chop I think I have ever eaten.  So good...melt in your mouth.  Billy had a BLT with fried green tomatoes and loved it as well.  Next we chatted with a wood carver just outside the restaurant and I had to take this charming carving home.
I just loved it and it even has a little battery powered light for the windows.  Back at the fiver, we both hit the easy chairs.
We headed out for Montgomery early Wednesday morning.  Knew it would be a long travel day for us (6 hrs instead of our usual 4).  We decided to take the interstate since it looked like the shortest route and offered more areas to stop along the way.  What a day.....the traffic was heavy at times, construction areas,  and then the rain came making everything worse.  We had a few close calls with stupid people doing stupid things, but eventually arrived safely at our destination.....just outside of Montgomery.  I'll post more on the park with some photos next time....

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  1. I have to admit that house is an impressive place....but who would want to live in it?? Or clean it!?


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