Friday, May 1, 2009

April 30, 2009

Today we awoke to some heavy fog, but the sun finally broke good to see the sun shine once again. After my coffee and breakfast, I went out and ‘tweaked’ the satellite signal and in about 10 minutes our internet was up and running. What a difference a day can make! I think most of our problem yesterday was the storm front--our dish was pointed right at it and it just could not lock on to a signal.

The remainder of the day was pretty quiet. DH did go out and wash the truck and the front of the fiver. I, on the other hand, remained in my comfy recliner and surfed the net.

We did make arrangements to dine at the ‘Big Texan Steak Ranch’. They have a free limo service for nearby hotels and rv parks. We called and set up a 5pm pick up time. The limo comes complete with those big Texan Longhorns attached to the grill. LOL! It was a fun evening and a great meal. Nice to be ‘out and about’!

When we returned to our fiver, we noticed the repair folks had come by and removed our broken landing gear. DH had spoke with them earlier and the repair person had said they were going to come by and take the leg. We will find out what the verdict is tomorrow--repair or replace. So, I guess we are stuck here through the weekend. I think DH has decided we will head for Elkhart on Monday--even if the landing gear is still broken. Elkhart is our “repair shop” headquarters and we have some other issues besides the landing leg which need repaired---all under warranty--thank goodness.

Almost forgot! Our old mac airport (internet router) died and we decided to replace it with the new Apple Time Capsule. The Time Capsule not only serves as our router, but also has 500GB of ‘back up’ storage. The other cool thing--we could plug in our printer to the router and it now is wireless. I can print wirelessly now--way cool!! Have I told you lately that “I LOVE MY MAC”!! :>

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  1. I love my Mac too!

    How long does your battery last? Mine is about done and I don't think my MacBook is 2 years old yet. Also the power cord has died. Must be from all the dragging it around thru the RV. Luckily Gordon has the same computer so we're sharing a power cord!


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