Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nothing but blue skies.......

I can’t tell you how good it feels to finally see the sun. The weather person is forecasting clear skies and warmer temps for the next few days. I guess Lafayette has not seen a week of dry weather since last October. Yippee!

Monday night was a reunion of sorts with my very bestest friends---the bitches. Yes, I said ‘bitches’ and I am proud to be a member. We all got to know each other through Choral Club some 17 years ago. There is nothing we would not do for one another. They are still singing with chorus on a regular basis, I sing when I’m here in Lafayette. We had a great time visiting and sharing stories at our local Irish Pub! Chorus has a big performance coming up in a couple of weeks and they passed along the music and a cd so I could get it memorized for the big show. I’m looking forward to the performance. Those 3 woman have had a huge impact on my adult life and I treasure every moment I have with them.

Currently I’m cleaning out the stick house’s garage. What a mess! DH is mowing the yard. What a chore! I sure hope this is our last summer dealing with this house.

Tomorrow we plan on moving the fiver to the family river site. It will be good to be settled. The weekend is supposed to be spectacular weather wise and we plan on taking full advantage. Enjoying the great outdoors. Campfires, s’mores, hotdogs, and starry skies.........who knows, we might even work in a little romance......but then, I don’t kiss and tell....

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  1. You dirty dogs you ....LOL I knew there was something shady going on HE HE, Hey Have fun and let us know when you land at the river...we still would love to come and visit but this year does not look good for a northern jaunt.


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