Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We are OK....BUT

Been without internet, so got some catching up to do.....Let's start with the morning we were leaving "Big Red Barn" in MO. Around 7am, a terrible storm blew through the rv park. The tornado sirens were going and the wind was blowing hard. We pulled in the slides and hoped for the best. There was really nothing else to do--no other shelter near by and nothing but flat ground around us....so we decided, like everyone else, to just stay put and hope for the best. We were very lucky and came through unharmed. Unfortunately, the photo above shows that not everyone was as lucky. I did not get to personally speak to the occupants of that motorhome, but I was told no one was injured. Thank goodness for that! I think the whole storm lasted about 45 minutes and it did not take us long to hitch up the trailer and get moving down the road. We were careful to keep track of the storm, which was moving east in front of us. We were headed to Hazlet State Park in IL.

We did ok and arrived at the park about an hour behind the storm. I don't think it was as strong when it hit there---didn't see much if any damage, just a lot of standing water. That is a photo of our site. It is a very nice park, we only had electric at the site, but water was nearby. We ended up staying here two nights, before heading to Elkhart. More later.......


  1. Well I am glad you and your are ok...

  2. It must have been frightening to be in the middle of that storm and nothing you could do or nowhere to go. Thank goodness you made it ok.


  3. Sherri and I were so worried about the two of you! I knew that you were there because I read you journal. When I heard about the storm going through there I told Sherri and we began to try and find out what happen...Not much on the news...they are too busy with the government debockle to cover anything...LOL
    Thank heavens you made it out OK. Take care...stay safe.

  4. So glad to hear you are both okay. We have been worried.. We were chatting about the storm and Speedy brought up the fact that you were there.. Stay in touch..

  5. So glad you guys are OK!! Storms can be terrifying in an RV!! That's one of the few things I worry about . . . Marci

  6. I think storms are one of RVers biggest worries. So much damage in such a short time. We have solar panels so always worry about a heavy hail storm smashing them to bits. Hope some warm sunny days are headed your way now...:))

  7. Good to see the GOODE life is still GOOD!!
    Careful, its a jungle out there.


  8. I watched some of the tv news coverage of those storms and was thinking how terrifying it must have been to be in an RV for any of it! Glad you made it through o.k.

    rick d.


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