Thursday, May 28, 2009

It has been pretty quiet around here last few days. Yesterday, was a Mom and daughter's day out. We went to Indianapolis for a day of shopping. My Mom is a clothes nut. I'm not.....these days my life style lends itself to jeans and a t-shirt almost every day and that is just 'dandy fine' with me. We had a great day together though and the two of us spending time together is what counts not the activity. Mom came home with a new jacket and two new outfits. Me......I bought a great smelling candle.

Mike...I wish we could make a trip to the Black Hills, but I'm afraid we are stuck here for the summer. We are going to call Direct Tv again. This time we won't mention we are rv'ers. We will have our tripod all set so when the installer arrives---well, won't he get a big surprise.......

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