Monday, May 25, 2009

Furballs Bath Day

Saturday, May 23, was furball washing day! The furballs truly look like shaggy doggies these days, between the bad weather and being in travel mode, their grooming day was long overdue. I have always done this job myself, neither pup has ever been to a groomer. It is really not a difficult job and both dogs are fairly well behaved during the process. Normally I can accomplish this task in about 2 hours, but today it took about 4 hours from start to finish. I rotate the dogs, so they do get a break between the combing and clipping. They both really seemed to enjoy their bath, but then I always try to make it an enjoyable experience. Lots of “what a good puppy” and always a nice massage to top things off......what a life these two have....LOL! After the grooming, I was “POOPED!”--no pun it was nap time for us all.

It was a short nap, I needed to get the campfire started for our ‘one bag’ dinner. I take potatoes, onion, carrots, hamburger, and add a little seasoning......bundle it all in aluminum foil and place it over hot coals on the campfire. You need to turn it about every 15 minutes and it is usually done in about 45 minutes to an hour. It is very good and cleanup is a breeze. I was about 30 minutes into the cooking time when the skies began to darken and I heard the rumble of distant thunder. I quickly secured all our outdoor gear, closed up the shed, made sure all the ‘hatches were battened down’ in the event the weather turned really nasty. I had just pulled dinner off the fire when the rain started it’s gentle pitter patter. I put the dinner in the oven to keep it warm--DH was at the stick house changing the oil in the truck and had not arrived home yet. The rain really started to pour, but no wind and the thunder stayed in the distance. DH arrived home and I could tell he was really tired and hungry. He was sure glad when I pulled dinner out of the oven ready to eat!

It continued to rain late into the evening, but no matter we were all warm and dry. Snuggled into our easy chairs watching a little tv before bed.........

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  1. What seasonings do you put in the hamburger campfire meal? Sounds yummy. And I love the "no clean-up".


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