Thursday, May 14, 2009


Thanks for all the comments and well wishes on the storm post. It is so nice to know folks are out there thinking about us! We arrived in Elkhart safely and set up camp in the repair shop's parking area. The photo above is of our large slide. It was sagging in the center section, so they removed all the trim and decided that it had not been framed correctly to begin with at the factory. They removed all the old framing and replaced it with new. We also had our bathroom door frame re-done as our door had been sticking. Our biggest relief was the replacement of our convection/microwave oven. It had stopped working while we were out in AZ and I sure missed using it. Americana did, however, refuse to replace our bathroom facet. It has a defect in the satin finish--which I'll admit might seem trivial to some, but to us it is unacceptable. We had tried to get this issue resolved once before, but the owner of Americana had taken some steel wool and polished the blemish--which removed the rust, but not the defect. We made the mistake of letting it go at that time. Now that we were back at the repair shop and while our warranty was still valid, we decided to address the issue once again. The repair man put in an email to Russ Anderson ( one of Americana's owners) and he was quick to deny the claim. Unfortunately, short of taking him to small claims court, we don't seem to have any recourse. All we can do is let others know how we were treated. Needless to say, we no longer feel comfortable recommending Americana. It is sad that our relationship had to end on such a sour note.


  1. If you are a member of Good Sam write a letter to Action Line and I bet they will get some answers

  2. Enjoy reading your blog. We hope to buy our first 5th wheel and go fulltime by next year.
    Just curious about Americana, is it only because they won't replace the faucet that makes you uncomfortable about recommending them or have you had other bad experiences with them?


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