Friday, May 15, 2009

Back In Lafayette

Finally made it back into Lafayette Wednesday evening. We decided to stay at the Leisure Time Campground until we could check on conditions at the family river site. It seems the weather here has been wet for most of the last month. The campground has full hook up sites and we ended up in a large pull through. We have a fairly level gravel site with some grass and lots of mature trees. Just out our back window you can get a glimpse of the river. We decided to just stay the week here.

Thursday morning we drove up to the family river site. Everything looks good and the ground didn't seem to saturated---yet. We need to do the usual clean up of sticks and fallen branches and the grassy area towards the front of the lot needs mowed---if it ever stops raining! LOL! The weather man seems to think that we might get 7 days in a row of dry weather starting on Sunday---sure hope he is right. It would be nice to have everything cleaned up and dried out before we move the fiver up there next Thursday.

Today, Friday May 15th, we are at the stick house. We are making preparations to put the house on the market June 1. There are a few small projects we will continue to work on while the house is on the market---who knows we might get lucky and have someone take it just as it is! I think the two main projects are replacing counter tops in the kitchen and finishing the trim in the dining room. We will see how it goes. This year we made the decision not to move back into the house, but to stay in our fiver. It will be much easier to keep the stick house in "show house" condition if we and the furballs are not mucking it up everyday. We are currently using the cable internet at the house, but we will have that disconnected at the end of the month. We will go back to our satellite system at the river. Boy oh boy, I will sure miss the cable internet. I feel like I'm traveling at the 'speed of light' these days.

Good to be back in Indiana? Yes, this is the place I was born and raised in and there are lots of good memories, family and friends here.


  1. We are still currently wrestling with the stick house decision as well but it may be awhile. We put it on the market briefly last September & then the market crashed. I envy you having made the decision you have. I would like to hit the road full time but Kelly isn't quite as easily convinced.............yet:))

  2. I'm also from Indiana and it will be good to go back for a week or so once we're on the road. Congrats on getting the stix & brix on the market. Ours has been up for 54 days with 7 showings. Things are moving so they say. Good luck see you on the road


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