Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ah, the Birthday is over.....but it was a great day. DH took me out for a wonderful dinner and yes.....there was cake, and a candle, and a wish! The very best part of my day was when my 5 year old grandson called and sang me Happy it just doesn’t get any better than that.......thank you Triston and Grandma loves you very much!

Thanks also go out to all my family and friends who sent me B-day nice to be remembered on my special day.....

We have tentatively set our travel day as October 30th. I have my (hopefully) final visit at the dentist on the 28th and the furballs see the vet for their annual checkup on the 29th.

We have had some nibbles on the house, but no firm offers.....but that is OK. We know that when we come back in the spring all we have to do is put the for sale sign back in the yard. Although we will have to remain close by for most of the summer hoping for a sale, at least we will be able to enjoy the river property. This past spring and summer all we did was work on the house and that was no fun at all. The house does look fabulous though and DH and I feel a big sense of satisfaction on a job well done!

It could be a little warmer and a little dryer here on the river, but it sure is beautiful. The leaves have all turned into the brilliant reds and golds and of course there is a ton of them covering the ground, and our truck, and our fiver.......but life is ‘Goode’.......raking is OPTIONAL!


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  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Debbie. Sounds like you had a great day. Sure wish our house remodeling was completed. We are planning on leaving Illinois the day after Christmas, unless the weather changes our plans for an earlier departure. Hope to see you "down the road."


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