Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thought you all might enjoy some fall photos. Here we are on the river lot covered in leaves. It is amazing how different this places feels once the leaves start to fall. Also all the sounds of summer BBQ's and the like are gone now and so the river is eerily quiet.......spooky.......Happy Halloween!
This is the view up the lane from the back window of the fiver.....more leaves
And this is the deck overlooking the Tippecanoe river. You can see it very well now, but spring and summer it is hidden from view by all the foliage.

My dental appointment was on Weds and yes, I did survive......I was a nervous mess, but I made it through and hopefully won't have to go back til next spring.....or maybe the spring after that or.......

Took the furballs to the vet Thursday and both are healthy except for one thing. Poor little Belle has a bad tooth and it is going to need to be pulled before we can leave. So, we now have a 'delay of game'. Belle's surgery is set for Tuesday. We had plans to be outta here by Sunday but now are hoping to be able to leave Weds. We will have to see what the vet says. Our vet also told us we might want to get the furbabies vaccinated for the doggie flu. Apparently, Florida is a "hot spot" for furball flu. Our vet didn't have any of the vaccine on hand so we will have to see a vet down there. I figure the Florida vet could check our her dental surgery at that point as well.

Here we still are cold, wet, and so ready to head south......


  1. What part of the south are you guys headed for??

  2. Wow I have never ever heard of doggie flu... Florida is where we are from but not going home this winter... Hope you guys make it out of there soon... It is warn down home and I know you will enjoy it... Where do you go to there?

    Have Fun & Travel Safe
    Happy Halloween


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