Monday, October 19, 2009

Things are getting a little difficult, now that the weather is nearing the freeze zone. DH has to make sure the water hoses are drained at night....just in case....and the long run of pvc pipe he put together to reach our sewer drop also has to be flushed and drained. My early morning trek outside with the furballs, now requires two sweatshirts and socks and shoes. My beloved flip flops are no longer viable.

As you know we have had some issues with our black tank and just when we think we are back to normal......our macerater quit. DH took it apart and found one of the blades to be bent. Apparently, a small rock had somehow entered into the thing and that was that! Poor DH had to get out the dreaded ‘Blue Boy’ last night to empty our black tank. He did order a replacement and we hope it comes sooner rather than later.

Our second issue seems to be a faulty thermostat. We have had a couple of very chilly mornings inside the fiver because the thermostat didn’t cycle the furnace. I would have to put the thermostat down to about 50 and then push it back up to 68 to get the furnace to come on. It has not happened very often, but it always seems to happen at night when we are sleeping and unaware.......until the cold finally wakes me. I guess we will be replacing that soon.....looking into a digital with a remote. I want to be able to turn the furnace on from my bed. I know they make programable ones, but I don’t always get up at the same time everyday. Of course, DH says we don’t need a remote.....why.....because DW is almost always up guess who is ‘his’ remote.......He always has been able to “push my buttons” LOL!


  1. While in Quartzite two years ago we had a Legacy Blue Flame heater installed & we rarely ever run our furnace anymore. Nice blue flame like a fireplace too & it's doggy tail proof. Very efficient & uses much less propane than the furnace. Just have to crack a couple windows open at night for ventilation. Has worked great so far & we have no complaints. I think it cost a couple hundred dollars or a bit more. All depends on size........

  2. Cold weather means it is time to leave and go south. I am sure that is in your plans. Don't stay too long and get stranded in the snow.

  3. It may not be the thermostat...sounds more like "flame out" protection which require the control board to be reset before it will fire again. Turning the thermostat down and back up can reset it on some models. One way to know for sure the next time this happens is to turn the furnace off and back on again without touching the temperature setting...most thermostats have an off position. If the furnace fires back up than the problem is with the furnace, not the thermostat. If it doesn't fire back up and your way of lowering the temperature and raising it again works then you are right and it is the thermostat. I will check back to see if you got this comment and if you have had a chance to test it. If it turns out to be the furnace there are a couple of things you can try before taking it for service.


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