Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yesterday was a very interesting day. When DH awoke, he quickly determined that it was time to empty the black tank......well.....it would not empty. It seems we had a clog somewhere. This is not a “Goode” thing. You see, here at the river, we are actually down hill and a fair distance from the sewer drop. We use a macerater to pump the black tank contents to the sewer drop. DH tried everything he knew to do to get the clog to budge.....including using a hose run down into the toilet....you can imagine what came up into the toilet bowl during this process......“Icky doodle!” Finally he decided he needed to go into town and get one of those goobers that plumbers use to unclog things....a snake.....meanwhile......I’m stuck using the ‘outhouse’ , but I’m not complaining.....it beats the heck out of a ‘tree in the woods’.

DH returns with a longer hose and the plumber’s snake and once again begins the process of trying to unclog our toilet. Just when we think it is never going to break loose......swish.....down it goes. DH immediately goes outside and turns on the pump and away all the nasty stuff goes......thank the “potty” gods for that one!

I did have some excitement while DH was away.......two beautiful “Boxers” (doggies) came running down our lane. They both stopped and looked surprised when they saw our fifth wheel. It was obvious to me that these two were lost. I went out and was greeted by wagging tails and kisses. I noticed they had tags and that the owner’s name, address, and phone was listed. It took some doing, but I finally convince the pups to go into our X-pen. Once they were secured, I went inside to call the owner. Now, by this time, I’m out of breath....so I’m breathing pretty hard.....the owner answers....“Hello” and I say, “Is this Josh” and he says, “YEs” and I say, “I have your boxers”........Now, what do you think he is thinking.......“You have my what?”, he says.....I quickly add, “your dogs”. I don’t think he believed me....he was at work and told me he would check with his girlfriend (who was at home) and call me back. Sure enough, girlfriend was out looking for the dogs......at this point he is very grateful that I have his “boxers”.....HE, HE. He sends girlfriend to collect the boxers and we all had a good laugh.......and the boxers are now safe, at home where they belong........Just another day in paradise......LOL!


  1. We had a similar black tank problem one time while on the road & the folks at RV Net suggested dumping a couple bags of ice cubes down the toilet & then taking the rig for a drive letting everything slosh around. I was skeptical of that solution....but it worked great. The ice cubes were like small stones grinding around in there & loosened everything up. They then melted & all went well with the flush when we got back. And I didn't even have to lower Kelly into the tank once:))

  2. Funny story.. not the blockage but the boxers, lol..

  3. What a great line, "I have your boxers", lol.


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