Friday, October 16, 2009

It’s rainy and cold and thank will soon be time to go! LOL! Looking forward to starting our journey the end of the month. DH goes back to the dentist to get his permanent crowns on the 21st and I go back on the 28th. Hopefully, all will go well and we can hit the road soon after. The weather forecast is promising some warmer temps next week. I hope so, we have sat here a long time and we need to re-pack the basement and DH has all that tire checking and stuff to do.

The other evening I awoke to some strange and yet familiar sounds. It was the sounds of someone walking on our roof......I sat up and noticed DH was not in bed....looked at the clock and it was about 5:00 am and raining. Now, what on earth would cause DH to climb up onto our roof top at this hour of the day? I debated whether or not to get up and go out and check, but decided my bed was just to warm and cozy to get out of......instead I said a prayer, “Please don’t let DH fall off the roof”, and I rolled back over and went back to sleep. At a more respectable hour and after my morning cup o’coffee, I inquired of DH the reason for his early morning climb. Apparently, while having a touch of insomnia he remembered he left the vent cap off the pipe vent for the toilet. He had removed the vent cap to inspect the pipe when we were having our ‘clogged black tank’ issue. He said he was afraid water might penetrate the he went. Poor Baby! Don’t worry I take ‘goode’ care of my man. I made him some sugar free banana pudding and banana muffins my nice warm, dry kitchen....HE! HE!


  1. Good Morning Debbie, I would have been worried about him falling too but you know us RVers' need to do what we have to do... It rained here for a long time and now we are having some really cool weather... Stay Warm & Have Fun!

    Travel Safe

  2. Well you sound a lot like Sherri. She would not get out of bed to check on me If I was on the roof. She might if I did not come down in time to take her to Wally World.


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