Thursday, October 1, 2009

Well, you know what they say.....“the best laid plans of mice and men”.....looks like I will be having some of my dental work done sooner rather than later. I picked up DH from the dentist yesterday and all had went well. The receptionist then managed to convince me that I needed to have at least some of my dental work done. So, long story short, I’m going under the drill October 7. It is not at all what I had planned, but it is also somewhat of a relief to have the appointment made. Are we paying too much for all this dental work? Yes, I’m pretty sure we could find someone else that would do the job for a little less. Several of you suggested we have the work done in Algadones, but neither one of us feel very comfortable with that idea.....fear of the unknown I guess.

Ok, so enough of the dental saga, today is a cool and crisp fall day. The leaves are starting to change into those beautiful brilliant reds, yellows, and orange. I just love this time of year. October is my absolute favorite month of the favorite holiday is Halloween. Once upon a time, I used to actually lead tours through a ‘haunted mansion’. I had a blast! Grown men and women would cling to my robe, begging me to save them from the goblins and spooks that prowled those halls. I think the ‘mansion’ was actually haunted. Strange things always happened there. It was formally a nursing home and it was even had it’s own on site morgue down in the basement. It was quite an undertaking every year for all the rooms to be decorated and ‘spooked’. One of my favorite areas was in the basement. We actually made a swap done there. It was complete with water and a long wooden bridge and of course lots of spooky, creepy, crawlies. I loved that place and I sure do miss it. It has been retired due to a problem with---bats--yeah, the bats took over the attic and the droppings carry disease. It was going to cost to much to clean it up so the haunted mansion’s doors are closed forever.....more.....

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  1. Yes, October is my favorite time of year as well followed closely by September. While you are in the hot seat Oct 7th I will be muddling my way through my 65th birthday. Not much in common there except you will have a mouth full of dentist tools I will have a mouth full of birthday cake.....:))


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