Saturday, October 3, 2009

It seems the monsoon season is upon us once again. The weather man is forecasting rain, rain, and more rain for the upcoming week.....along with cooler temps. I don’t mind the cool fall air, but I could do without all the wet! I was awakened early this AM by the sound of yet another branch hitting our roof. Thankfully most of the ‘falling branches’ are small, but they sound hugh from inside the fiver. Sometimes I think the squirrels are up there sawing them off......(when their not throwing acorns at us).....we have quite a playful and energetic group of the little critters here along the river. We are also seeing the deer almost everyday now.....such beautiful, sweet and gentle creatures.......God did good!

Just sitting here, in my easy chair, sipping coffee, and thinking about the day ahead. The ‘stick house’ awaits......but DH and I now see a rather large bright light at the end of the tunnel. The other day I actually ran into the daughter of an old friend who was interested in seeing our house. She came by and took the tour yesterday. We think she liked it.......wether she buys or not, it made it ‘official’ the house is ‘For Sale’! Yeah, we still are doing a few little projects.....but overall the house is looking great and ready for the buyers......oh, I’m expecting many buyers.....multiple offers......maybe even a bidding war.......nothing wrong with dreaming big ya know.......ask my DH, I have always been a bit of a dreamer..... My favorite line is “I’ve been think-in” and DH’s response, after he rolls his eyes and moans, “Here we go again”.......He just loves me! (and according to him, he just has too!)


  1. It's the dreamers of the world who are the true visionaries:))

  2. Great vision then...keep those positive thoughts! Good to hear from you once more


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