Friday, November 6, 2009

After a grueling 2 1/2 hour drive......we made it to Terre Haute.....yeah, we are still in Indiana. We didn't leave the river till almost 3pm, but the important thing is we are finally on our way. We spent the night at a KOA and I'll post more on that later with some photos.

Poor little Belle had to have 3 teeth pulled at the vet. She was very unhappy with us when we picked her up after her surgery. She wouldn't eat or wag her tail......basically she just went straight to her bed. The next morning she was feeling better and is now back to her old self.

DH just went out the is time to hitch-er up and get on down the road. Next stop.....Obannon Woods in Corydon Indiana. We will be spending a few days visiting our grandson and his Mom. It is so good to be 'back on the road', even the furballs seem to have an added 'pep' in their steps.


  1. Pretty darn nice feeling being back on the road again eh:)) We just blew through Terra Haute about a week & a half ago. Safe travels & take your time. We're still in phase 3 of our time lapse recovery period. Those long days on the road kinda knocked the stuffings out of us.


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