Monday, November 9, 2009

Here we are at our campsite #B95 in O'bannon Woods. I don't recommend this one. As you can see it runs down hill and it is on the busiest camp road. Traffic runs in and out all the time. We made the mistake of relying on the entrance park ranger to locate us. We were unfamiliar with this park and with our 40 foot trailer we did not want to spend the evening trying to find a spot we would fit in. As you can see this is a pull through.....all I can say is it sounded good on paper...LOL! The park was not that crowded, but they have a horse camp area and they were full. For most of the weekend, we had trucks and horse trailers running up and down the road. Then there was the shower incident. Since we only have electric here we opted to shower in the bath house. In I go on my girlie side and there are 3 shower stalls. Nicely done with an area for dressing and drying and then you pass into the shower area. All individual and private. So, I take the first stall. Get undressed and situate my towel and toiletries. Enter the shower and '?!@#!' no handle to turn on the way at all to turn on the water. Ok, I'm the only one in here so I slide my toiletries under to the next stall. Grab my clothes and towel and slip over to the next shower area. Hang everything up AGAIN and enter the shower. Well, '?!@#!!!!!!', there is a shower knob, but no matter which way I turn water. Did I mention I'm naked here! Finally upon entering the 3rd shower....I was rewarded with a working knob and somewhat warm water.......ahhh....clean at last!
This is the road the horse trailers like to 'race' on, but as you can see the place is pretty empty. Once the traffic settled it was very peaceful and we had great weather.
Here is Triston's mom and Grandpa relaxing at the campsite.
Triston and Grandpa with his (Triston's) favorite Batman Helicopter.
All in all it was a pleasant enough stay. We have been here since Friday evening and will leave tomorrow (Tuesday 10th). Last evening we had dinner at a Japanese Steak House. Ya know the kind where they cook the food at your table....lots of razzel dazzel complete with a burning onion volcano. My Grandson loved that one!

By the way, is anyone else being overrun with Ladybugs. They are everywhere here and we can't keep them out of the fiver. We keep sucking them up with our vacumn, but they just keep coming. Ok, well best get a going on dinner......tomorrow we, see ya down the road.

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  1. They were everywhere when I was in NY, and I've seen some since I've been in Asheville, NC.

    The pictures show it to be a very pretty campground you're in, but level is important!


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