Saturday, November 7, 2009

As promised, here are some photos of the Terre Haute KOA

The donkeys are very friendly and you can by food to feed them
Cute little covered bridge leads to play ground and dog play area
And of course, this is where the donkeys....hang their tails!

Today we are in O'bannon Woods . I will have some photos to share tomorrow. Overall a very nice park. They only have electric sites, but water is widely available throughout the park. Lots of trees so forget your satellite dishes. Our antenna pulled in some Louisville stations and our Verizon air card is working well. We have ATT cell phones and have a decent signal on them as well. I'll give some more details in the next post after we have some time today to take a closer look at everything. Right now it is time to kick back and enjoy this beautiful day. Our five year old grandson is coming to visit I'm sure Grandpa and I will be plum tuckered out this evening....LOL, but that is a "Goode" thing.......

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  1. Good Morning Debbie... Looks like a really nice park... I would love all the animals and cuteness... Can't wait to see the review on your next stop... Have fun with your grandson.

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