Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our first morning here in Joe Wheeler state Park. We were up by 6am. Yeah, that is a little early for us, especially DH. The furballs and I went out and it is a beautiful morning here amongst the tall pines. The fragrance of the pine needles is wondrous....feels like Christmas. I’m a peace, completely and totally. God has to be smiling least in my little corner of the world.

I broke out the griddle for breakfast.....bacon and pancakes. After breakfast, the furballs and I took a walk around the campsites. It is pretty quiet now, but I have a feeling this weekend will be a busy one. This morning we ran across a small dog who was unleashed. The owner seemed to be in the process of cleaning out her car. As we walked by, the dog approached and started growling. This caused the owner to look up and she shouted out to me that the dog wouldn’t harm us. Me and mine.....we just keep walking....her dog starts after us. Next thing I hear, is the owner shouting (!@#***!) at the dog as she falls out of the car with the loud clammer of what I can only describe as pots and pans. Me and mine......keep walking.....I don’t even look back. She is still giving the dog ‘heck’ when I hear her (I assume) DH stick his head out the door, “Honey, did you call me?” Me and mine......we just keep my Daddy says. “Troubles bout to start.” He! He!

No troubles here......the skies above are blue, there is a gentle breeze blowing through the trees, and is ‘Goode’........I think we will stay awhile.....

One last note, those of you that leave comments, you will notice I have started moderating my comments. I got spammed the other day, so I felt I had no choice. Sorry for the inconvenience, but better safe than sorry.


  1. I started moderating mine as well after some not so nice comments about our immigration problem. I hate doing it but right now I guess I'll have to.

  2. Hello...Why do people not take responsibility for their animals? At least you were not bitten!


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