Sunday, November 1, 2009

I’m spending today and tomorrow here at the river getting things ready to travel. Our internet connection comes and goes here.....but hopefully I can get this posted today.

A few of you have asked ‘where in the south’ we are headed? Well, right now our plans are to head to Florida. We will be staying in a park in Riverview, which is very close to the Tampa area. We will be there through December. Come January, we are heading toward Texas. DH would like to spend some time in the Rio Grande Valley. So, let us know if any of you will be nearby.....we would love to see you.

Now, the temps here have taken a nose dive into the 30’s at night and 40’s to low 50’s during the day. A while back I mentioned the troubles we were having at times with our furnace. We thought we might need a new thermostat, but we received a comment that it might be due to ‘flame out’ protection with the furnace. He suggested the next time it happened we simply try turning the furnace off than on. If that works, than it is more likely the furnace that has the problem and not the thermostat. Well, we tried it and sure enough when we turned the furnace back on it fired right up. So......mister anonymous......if you are reading this.....where do we go from here?


  1. A new digital circuit board will be your answer. Probably $300.00 to have done for you. We had exactly the same thing happen this summer, and once we replaced the board, it was sweet heat!

  2. Debbie.......we are in Mission, TX until Feb 1. If you get here before then, give us a call. We'd love to see you again.


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