Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We are driving down US 19 South on our way to Yankeetown, Florida. We had a really long day yesterday and I’ll post more on that and the park we stayed at in Albany, Georgia......

I have to say being on the internet while driving down the road is way---cool, except for the slight case of motion sickness it gives me...LOL!

Anyway, DAD......warm up my bar stool at Elmer’s......We are almost there.......


  1. Now if I read that right...You asked your Dad to warm up a bar stool for you??? How Cool.

  2. We hope to vist Albany, GA where my father-in-law took his flight training as an RAF cadet in 1941. He went back to England and helped to win WWII in spite of a crash landing in a Wellington Bomber in Scotland. He's still alive today at 89+ and plays tennis on a regular basis. He's my hero!


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