Monday, November 23, 2009

It seems my blog on my recent 'bad hair' day has spiked quite a lot of interest. Apparently, I'm not the only gal out there living with a bad haircut. Thanks for the support.....always nice to know you are not alone. I keep thinking I will eventually get used to seeing myself with this extra short hair, but every time I look in the mirror.....I just look some cartoon character.......ok, enough of that and on to better things.

Cosmo seems to be back to normal....on both ends.....LOL! So, I think today it is safe to leave the fiver and do a little shopping. One of my neighbors, here at Rice Creek, has a lighted flamingo on her site that I just fell in love with. I found it online, but I'm betting I can find it here locally. If I do, I'll be sure and share a photo.

Finally success! We did manage to get our direct tv satellite up and running. Only one problem, DH did not get the paperwork sent in for the network channels. So, we still have to rely on our antenna for those for now.

We are still getting comfortable here in Florida.....I'll say one thing it sure is 'wet' here. I'm not talking rain, I'm talking humidity and heavy dew....none of which are my favorites. We are currently running the AC and we would much prefer to have windows open, but it is just too humid. The weather report says it will get better after Thanksgiving.....I guess I should not beats the heck out of snow!!

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  1. On our 'Blogs we Follow' list Veragirl blogged about her one & only visit to Florida years ago & the humidity is one of the things she didn't like either. I've been to Florida 4 or 5 times & Kelly lived there for awhile years ago. We have no intentions of going again so we'll just hang out in the dry southwest for as many seasons as we can. We get our fill of that miserable humidity in the summer back in Ontario!!


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