Friday, February 19, 2010

Here is my Chandelier! This is one of my 'leftovers' from when I had my retail shop in downtown Lafayette. I just couldn't let go of it and always wanted to find a place for it here in the fiver. It hangs from a decorative hook and I ran the electrical cord behind the valance and down the wall under the curtain panel. This way I can and will take it down when we travel. So, now I finally have my little chandelier!
Here is a picture of the view down our street where the fiver is located in Brownsville. You can see most folks are on the grass, but we are on the concrete pad. Normally you would be parked to the right of the pad and use it for your patio. It is a bummer not to have the patio, but after the last two days of rain....we are on a lot firmer ground than our neighbors right now!
You can see from the photo that it is quite a stretch to the utilities....especially the sewer. Again because we had to park on the concrete.
The nice thing is the lots are larger than most so we do have a nice plot of grass all the way around the fiver. The furballs are very happy about that....LOL!

Yesterday I started my next decorating project. I am painting a faux brick backsplash above my kitchen counters. The first step was removing the wallpaper border put on by the manufacturer. What a job! The border came off easily enough, but as usual left behind most of that nasty glue. I had to use goo gone to soften the glue, then scrape as much off as I could with a putty knife. Next, I went over it again with the goo gone and a scrubby pad and finally a vinegar rinse and then plain water. The area is now primed with Kilz and ready to paint today......I should have photos for you in the next post!


  1. Debbie the chandelier is so darn beautiful in the 5ver'.... and I love the idea of painting the faux bricks behind your sink... I need you to come help me with the wall behind my sink...☺☺☺ I have mirrors that I've always hated but DH liked them... Well they are not looking so good so when we get back to Florida next winter we will be changing them... Have fun & travel safe!

  2. I love hearing about your projects and seeing the pictures..You are so talented!
    We are having a Happy Hour here in Mission on Saturday if you feel like taking a drive. Not too sure how far the drive would be. We are at 7 Oaks, in site 71.. Think we will gather about 3pm.


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