Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yesterday was a big, blue sunshiny day!  First time, since I don't know when that I was actually comfortable in short sleeves!

Tomorrow is moving day....heading over to Rockport for a mini rv dreamers reunion.  Decided we had better make a trip to Wally World to pick up a few things.  Amazingly enough the store was the least busy we had ever seen it.  Guess everyone was taking advantage of the sunny day.  Anyway, there we are up and down the isles....depositing our shopping choices in our little cart.  Finally made our way to the checkouts, waiting in line for our turn.  Billy looks down at the cart and OOPS!  That's not our cart.  It has a big bag of dog food across the top and full of empty boxes.  We are both looking at each other.....each accusing the other of not paying attention....LOL!  Had to retrace our steps back to our last visited isle and......there it was....thank goodness!  The thought of having to re-shop was not very appealing to either of us.  This time, holding tightly to the cart handle, we did manage to make it back to the checkout with the correct cart!  Whew!

Today the sun did shine once more, but it was noticably cooler.  Billy had gotten half the fiver washed yesterday so today he finished the other half.  He also got the bikes and our big ladder loaded up and ready for tomorrow's travel.  Then he crawled underneath to check our leaf springs and all was good.  We have had a leaf spring fail on we keep an eye on those things now.  I spent the day sewing......made a bag for our Hughes Net Satellite stuff and a bag for our lawn chairs.  I also made some new pillow shams for our bed.

That's about it.....we are planning on having lots of fun next week with all our 'dreamer' friends!

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