Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some photos from the past few days. Above is our site at the Pouch Plantation Rv Park. This is an interesting place because it does have a small plantation house on the property which you can tour. The grounds are well maintained and the manager (Mark) was very helpful and nice. You can see though, the sites are very close together. Lots of construction workers and families here, but everything was nice. We would stay here again......Good Sam discount......$30.00. You are in the heart of Plantation country here, only a short drive away from most of them.
This is a photo of Houmas Plantation. This place is a must see in my book. Not only is the house itself grand, but the grounds surrounding it are outstanding. The owners have put lots of money into this place and it shows. Absolutely beautiful! We toured this one and a Creole house called Laura. The tour guides both did a great job of 'telling the story'.....lots of interesting history!
Of course, this is a photo taken in the French Quarter. I really loved seeing the French Quarter. Something about this place just fascinates me. The architecture, the culture and lifestyle......all so different from what I know. Our second day there we explored the French Market down on the river and had lunch at Margeritaville! I can't wait to go back to New Orleans.....Not sure if Billy is as excited as I am about the place, but I just loved it!
Ok.....this would be me.......sucking on my very first ( and last) Mint Julep! I don't think I like Bourbon! I finished it though.....whew! I was a little wobbly for the walk back to the truck.....LOL!

We left New Orleans and made it to Beaumont Texas our first night back on the road. Stayed at the Gulf Coast Rv Resort. We were able to use our Camp Club discount so the price was right ($17.00). The concrete pads are very narrow and due to all the rain the place was a swamp. At least the pad was level so we didn't have to un-hitch. We used the electric, but that was it. Billy would have been up to his knees in muck if he would have tried to hook up to the sewer or water.

We are currently in Victoria Texas, staying at the Lazy Longhorn Rv Park. It is still very wet, but the concrete pads here are much wider. We were able to use full hook ups here. It was a tight fit for our 40 foot fifth wheel.....Billy had a heck of a time.....but he did it. They let us take the empty lot next to ours to park our truck as there was no room on our site for it. We plan on staying till Friday.... Hoping that this rain will finally pass us by and we can have some dry weather for our trip into Brownsville. Guess that is it for now.....


  1. Hey Debbie... It really looked like a great Plantation to tour... and the French Quarter... Wow I wouldn't have mind being there with you guys... FUN!!! And you tried a mint julep... I am not to terribly fond of mint so I would have had a hard time... But I would have been right there with you trying it! LOL Have fun & travel safe!

  2. Maybe you will run into some other RV-Dreamers as several are down in RGV right now? According to their blogs they are eating alot of good food, and having a ball.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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