Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My goodness......where does the time go.....seems like it was only yesterday when we arrived here in Brownsville! We have been living a pretty laid back lifestyle these past few days. Billy did climb up on the roof and give it a good scrub down and I managed to give the furballs hair cuts and a bath. We also got our internet satellite up and running....although Billy seems to think it is a little slow. I think part of the problem is at the center of operations...which is located in Germantown, Maryland.....which has been pummeled with inclement weather for the past several days. It sucks to be them!

The sun has been shining here in Brownsville.... up until yesterday. A cold front has moved into the area and temps have dropped into the 50's with cloudy skies. Rain is in the forecast for the next two days. I'm going to get out my sewing machine and finish some projects and maybe start a few new ones.

Our new air bed is on it's way. It should be here sometime tomorrow. Billy is sure ready for it to arrive......he has to "air up" his side of our current bed at least two or three times a night to keep from sinking into the abyss!

On a final note.....the laundry facility here at the park has been Billy and I went on the hunt for a laundry mat yesterday. Wow! The first two we found were swamped with people. Finally found a third one, that wasn't over run, and managed to get our laundry done. We have had this problem before and so I am giving serious thought to purchasing a washer/dryer for the fiver. I've been doing some research and it seems the stacked units with a vented dryer are the way to go. We would have to give up our utility closet....(which is already plumbed) and that would be a pain, but I am just about to that point. Anyway, I would love to hear everyone's opinion on the let me know what you think.


  1. we have a Splindide all in one non-vented unit. We use it pretty much everyday. The drying takes awhile especially for heavier items.

    The advantage to the all in one is we still have 1/2 of our closet left for storage. I'm pretty sure the seperate vented dryer would work better and the washer would probably hold a bigger load compared to ours. But we love it, best addition we have made.

  2. I am in the same boat as you as far as disliking the laundromat. I am ready for my own w&d. I priced them out at CW while in Florida and they were very high. I will price them here as well.. We will definately get the stackables.
    Let us know if you make it over in our direction (Mission) We would all love to see you both..

  3. I love my Splendide combo. However, I would imagine the separate units would be better if you have room for them. The combo loads are very small. JoAnn

  4. Check the prices for the apartment size stackables at Sears. They do or did, have them with the 110v dryers. But the 110v dryers take an awfully long time. I used to separate the lighter weight articles, and dry them first. Seemed quicker that way.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  5. Debbie.......go for it!! You won't be sorry! I hate landromats!I would never have another rig without a w/d. The stackable ones are the way to go and if you can get a front loader washer, they're the best. That's what I will buy when I have to replace the top loader I have.

    Sorry we missed you in Texas. Are you coming back to AZ this winter?


  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my little all in one unit... yes I would like the stackables but the rig came with this one... I hate going to do the laundry so I have never had a unit without a W/D combo... It does little loads but I keep up with it and there is no problems... You'll be so happy once you get it you'll never go without one again!
    Have fun & travel safe!!!

  7. Putting my clothes in a washer or dryer that has been used by everyone else, and their dog, is akin to sleeping on a motel mattress.
    They could have poison ivy, lice, impetigo, HIV, or anything!
    UGGH. Happy Trails, Penny, TX.


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