Friday, February 5, 2010

We are officially in Brownsville, TX........and I can't believe it, but the sun is shining and the skies are blue. Temps here are currently in the low 70's. We will be here till the end of February. The trip was pretty uneventful. We stopped in Harlingen and called around to some of the rv parks in Brownsville to see where we might end up. We ended up here at Honeydale Mobile Home and Rv Park. Nothing stellar about this place, except for the people and the price. The price with our Good Sam discount is $290.00 for the month plus electric. The people are all very helpful and friendly....I think we will really enjoy our stay here. Our problem was getting into the site. The sites are set up so that you park on the grass and then you have a full length concrete patio. The first site we tried (yeah, I said first) was just too tight and we were literally sinking into the ground with each movement. Bill was jacking the fifth wheel so tight, that at one point we lost sight of each other and.......we ended up backing over the water hookups. Water was spewing out from under the trailer and I feared the worse, but upon inspection all we needed to do was turn the knob. Apparently, a part of the trailer had caught the knob just right and merely turned the water on. I could see no damage done to either their water spickett or our trailer. Whew! Dodged a bullet on that one. That was it for me.....I told Billy to head back to the office cause this site was not working. We located another site ( minus the trees that were causing the headaches on the first site) and we had permission to park on the concrete patio. Billy slide her right in! I sure hated not having the concrete patio, but beats sinking into the ground. One of our neighbors had to shore up his landing gear......because he was actually starting to sink. As to the park itself, it is a combination of older mobile homes and rvs. Overall the park is a little tired, but the sites are wider than most and the hookups are easily accessible. I will get some photos for next post.

Once the fiver was set we decided to get the Direct TV online. After a little bit of fussing back and forth on the alignment of the dish, we surprisingly had it up and running in no time. The only thing we were missing are our east and west coast channels. It was getting late so we decided to head to dinner and than come back and give Direct TV a call to see what was up with our missing channels.

As so often happens in rv world.......we forgot it was Friday night. Man.....could not believe the traffic and the people. Finally located a Chinese Buffet, that at least did not have folks standing outside. There was a whole lot of humanity feeding at the troughs, but we managed to get a table and the food was excellent. I even tried some sushi and found I liked least the one I had......have no idea what it was....LOL!

Back at the fiver, Bill put in the call to Direct TV. They, doing whatever it is they do, finally got the east coast to show up.....but we are still missing west coast. The tech Bill was speaking with said he had done all he could do and was going to pass the problem up the line. Hopefully, they will get this figured out in the near future. As of this morning still no west coast.

Today I'm getting on the bike and locating the laundry room and we will set up our internet satellite. The park satellite is just not cutting it speed wise for us. I'm using our air card right now.

Oh, one last thing.......I awoke this am to the sound of one of those little bike horns....ya know, like the circus clowns use. Someone was riding around on his golf cart sounding the horn and calling us all to coffee and donuts......I just knew I was gonna like this place!! LOL!!

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