Friday, February 12, 2010

Thanks for all the input on the washer/dryer question. I have taken all the measurements and can easily fit a stack unit into the utility closet and yes, Pat, I will be looking for a front loader. We were smart enough to have the plumbing done at the time we ordered the coach. I am going to wait til we are back in Indiana. We will have the guys in Elkhart to do the install since there will have to be a vent cut into the roof or sidewall. That also gives me time to figure out where all the stuff that currently 'lives' in the closet will be going......LOL! That is going to be a bit of a challenge.

Our new air bed came by Fed Ex yesterday around 4pm. Since Billy's side of the current air bed is leaking we decided to go ahead and switch out the beds. What an ordeal! Just imagine unpacking a king size bed (in two large dirty boxes) while dismantling another king size bed.....with two furballs insisting on being in the middle of everything. We had decided to place the air pump for the new bed under the bed. That meant we had to pull up the plywood on the platform, position the pump, and then drill holes into the plywood for the air hoses to pass through. Poor Billy had to be a bit of a contortionist to accomplish the task.....but he did it and finally around 8pm our new bed was set and ready to go. WOW! What a difference! Just couldn't believe how comfy it is and how well made....amazing what good quality materials will do! We took the old bed and shoved it into the back seat of the truck. Once the park empties the dumpsters.....we will be tossing the old bed! Gone and good reddens! Yes, we both had a good nights sleep. The new bed was definitely not cheap.....but, now when I slide under the covers....well, it is just so luxurious....mmmm, and I'm worth it!!

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  1. Our washer has been great but the dryer has been broken for the last 6 months. Hard to have it repaired when you don't stay in one place long enough to take it in. Our bed is working out fine for more back aches!


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