Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This was the scene on day at the beach on South Padre Island. The wind that day was pretty strong, but the sun was shining! As you can see the furballs really enjoyed their day......the only thing that would have made it better for them would have been to be off leash, but that is not allowed here.

Tuesday I finally got my haircut. The last time my hair was cut was around November, so I was really in need.......As you recall, my last haircut was a bad one, probably the worse one I have had since starting the rv lifestyle two years ago. My hairstylist on Tuesday did a fabulous job and I finally feel 'human' again....LOL! The rest of the day we ran some errands. We could not believe how the weather changed. Yet another cold front came through in the afternoon. The wind was terrible and than the rain, and the cold. We got back to the fiver and layered up in our sweatshirts, fired up the electric heater, and settled in...cozy in the fiver! Billy made spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner.....OUTSTANDING JOB, HONEY!

This morning the wind seems to have died down and I think the sun is starting to shine....the weather is supposed to be much improved for the rest of the week. I sure hope so......

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