Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cane 9 Creek RV Park

Here we are a Cane 9 Creek RV Park, located in Heflin Alabama.  We have a nice size pull through...fairly level, it goes up hill a little where the truck is sitting.  Gravel roads and pads, but lots of surrounding grass and trees.  Yes, there is a creek and we can see it out our back window.  The furballs have already been in it!  We did have to put up the tv satellite.....nothing available on just the antenna.  Plenty of big open sky here, so we had the tv up and working in no time.  There is free wifi here at the park and it is working well. 

We arrived here yesterday around 2pm and I think we are one of 5 we practically have the place to ourselves.  I did have a bit of a panic attack while we were setting up.  Bill was hooking up outside, while I was doing all the inside stuff......and I heard this noise.  At first, I was not sure what it was.....something seemed to be running.  I finally headed outside only to see water pouring out of the our on demand hot water compartment.  "Aaaaaayyyyy, shut off the water!!"  I didn't think he heard me so I go round one direction as he is coming round the other.....I swear that always happens. Anyway, he had heard me and shut off the water.  Upon inspection of the compartment we saw the water was spewing from the release valve.  Billy surmised that the water pressure here must be high.....he had not put our water pressure regulator on at this point.  Once he put the regulator in line and turned the water more leak.  Whew!  Glad that was a simple fix.

We do like it here, so we have decided to extend our stay through Sunday.  That will give us two travel days to reach the rally, which should be plenty of time.  I almost hate to say this out loud, but the weather has just been beautiful.  I feel like we have come out of a long.......dark......wet......cold......tunnel.......into the sunshine and warmth of Spring!


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  2. You must mean...leaving Texas!!! We had rain yesterday and today it is sunny and clear. North Texas Sucks!!!

  3. We're coming in on Tues to the rally. I can't wait to meet up again. I have to see you're new "painted room" if you don't mind.


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