Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our journey to Willow Tree was a good one and yes, Billy did find one of those Truck Washing facilities.  The first one we encountered....was a bit of a stresser.  You see, we couldn't see the line of trucks from the road.  We didn't realize we were going to be trapped like rats until it was too late.  The driveway is several feet long and then curves tightly to the left, but before the curve is an entrance to some type of facility for heavy equipment.  Ya movers, bulldozers, stuff like that.  There is a fence on either side of the drive and it very clearly states....NO U TURNS BEYOND THIS POINT!  There was about 4 trucks ahead of us round the curve.  So,  here we are....can't turn round, can't back up....this could take hours.  Billy finally decides he will go up and ask if we can turn around in the parking area....even with the signs....we decided we didn't have anything to lose.  So he asked.....and......success.....they told us no problem.  We were soooo happy and we did get to return the favor.  As Billy was turning into the dirt lot I saw something shiny in the dirt......a set of keys.  I got out and pick them up and took them inside to the receptionist.  I thanked him again for allowing us to use the parking lot and handed him the keys we found!  We got back on the road and it was not long before Billy spied another Truck Wash.  I'm thinking...."Oh, no.....not again", but he was determined.  This time, we could clearly see no trucks ahead of us.  The furballs and I headed for shady area in the grass while Billy and the truck and fiver went into the great tunnel.  I could not see what was happening inside, but there sure was a lot of hoop-in and holler-in going on.  Billy re-appears and I think the whole washing process took about 15 minutes or less.  Seems they have a whole lot of guys in there just a wash-in and a rinse-in at the speed of light....LOL!  I'm not going to say we are sparkling clean, but for what it is they did do a pretty good job.  The cost was $48.50 and Billy was happy......I guess that is all that matters.  I wonder though.... if the first truck wash were that quick.....maybe the wait would not have been that long.....but then we would not have found those keys.....

Bout 2 hours later we pulled into Willow Tree Resort......let the fun begin.  I do have some photos for tomorrow's post.....this place is fabulous!

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