Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wow!  What a weekend......we did nothing but play with our Grandson and visit with his Mom.  It is such a joy to have that little guy and his Mom in our life.....and Triston is just the cutest thing on the planet!  Naw......I'm not prejudice.....not one little bit!

I promised some photos and I did manage to get a few shots in between the rain drops.....Oh, yeah, we did not have any severe weather.  Just a few rumbles of thunder and a whole lot of rain.
Here is a shot of our site.
Here is a photo of our very, soggy campfire fires this weekend!
Here is the site out our back window....of course there is a price to pay for such a view!
And....this is the price.  Our 'butt' was a hang-in over a bit of a hill.  Does this look like a 'hillbilly' set up to you......cause it kinda does to me.....LOL!  Anyway, so good.  We have yet to roll down the ravine.  Guess if we do, there are enough trees back there to stop us from a going to far....but it is bound to be one heck of a ride!!

Tomorrow is travel day.....we are on our way to our summer spot up on the Tippecanoe river.  The internet is spotty at best you may not hear from me as often, but I'll will post as often as I can......

And.....WELCOME good to hear from you!


  1. That really IS some setup with your stabilizer jacks! Enjoy your summer camp spot.

  2. Hope to see you soon. We're so close, yet far away. lol Have a great time!


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