Monday, April 19, 2010

Our stay in Hendersonville was very nice.  The park we choose is called Apple Valley Travel Park.  It is a Camp Club USA park, the regular rate is $26 a night so we got two nights at that price.  The park itself is old and most of the sites are small and tight.  I would say it is about 70% full time residence and 20% seasonal (who leave their trailers there year round).  There is only about a dozen or so sites for the 'traveler' and most of these are small and are difficult to get into..... for most rigs.
This is a "pull through" site up on the hill.  We just barely fit between the concrete patio and the wood pole marking the sewer connection on the other side.  The water and electric were on the 'door side', sewer was on the other.  This is the first time we have ever had to use boards under the tires on one side of the trailer to level side to side.  Normally between our air bags and leveling jacks we are fine.  Not this fact pulling into the site I was sure DH was going to roll down the hill......I actually closed my eyes and hoped for the best.  Whew!  We made it!
This is our site from the can see that we just fit with the slides out.  Fortunately, there is little traffic in and out of the park.   This park is quiet and it is close to several small historic towns and attractions.  If you do want to try this place out, you need to see if any of the sites on the "lower level" are available.  They are closer to the highway, but they are on level ground and it is much easier to get in and out of them.  When we left, we had to turn to the left and do the loop through the park.  I walked the whole way....checking for clearance side to side as we made tight turns and looking above for low hanging branches.  We made it without a least I'm pretty sure there were no scratches.....LOL!

While in Hendersonville we checked out the historic downtown area......very busy.....lots of antique stores and restaurants.  We also visited Tryon......quaint small town, but not too many shops or restaurants.  From Tryon, we took 176 and ended up at Pearson's Falls.  Beautiful hike (about 15 minutes) to the falls themselves and it is worth it.
After visiting the falls, we continued on Hwy 176 to the historic town of Saluda.  There were quite a few shops and restaurants to check out.  I really enjoy seeing these small downtowns......I used to have a small gift shop in my old hometown (Lafayette, IN).  I do miss it, so I always like to check out and chat with the merchants of other similar small downtowns.  It can be a difficult road to compete against the big box stores and malls, but the small stores have so much more character.  Many times you will find unique items.....made from the local craft and art community. 

Sunday we left Hendersonville and continued our journey toward Indiana.....more on that next post.  One last note, WELCOME to Gen and Syl and thanks for reading my blog.  We met them at our RV Dreamer's Rally.  You can follow their journey to become full timers at:  Wondering Sylville.


  1. Hey Debbie, we are just curious, how often do you guys use you Camp USA membership, we just got one to try for a year and see if it pans out. Have fun and be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  2. Sherri and I have been at Grand Bayou for two days without Internet connection. Boy is that a bummer! We had a wonderful site right down on the lake. We will be going back for sure someday.Stay safe and thanks for the pictures


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