Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well it rained all day on Tuesday so the only thing I got accomplished was a few loads of laundry.  They do have a laundry facility here at Renfro Valley.  There are two washers and two dryers.....$1 each.  I had 4 loads of laundry and soon found out that one of the washers only filled half way on the rinse cycle.....yeah, I pushed all the buttons and switches to no avail.   I don't think many folks use this laundry.  I think most come for the shows or a quick overnight and then move on.  I did get a photo of our site...........
As you can see, you do have a nice amount of space between sites and a little green!

We left Renfro around 10am and headed toward Radcliff, KY.  Billy had found another Passport America RV park that we planned on staying at for a couple of day.  Along the journey, I got out my computer to get some info on the park.  I always like to see if anyone has given a review.  Well, I found several......all bad.  Not going there......regrouped and found a Camp Club Park in Elizabethtown, KY......Glendale Campground.
This is nothing fancy, but it had much better reviews.
Here we you can see lots of gravel and the site slopes downhill a little.  There is some green around for the dogs.  We have full hook ups, but some only have water/electric.  There is a pool and a lake for fishing.
We just barely fit on this site....side to side.  I think we have about an inch to spare between our slide and the main electrical box.  I sure hope nobody needs access to that while we are here....LOL!
This is the "hook up" side and we just squeezed by here as well.  Our truck is actually parked in the empty site next door.  I would not want to be here at the height of the camping season.
This is a photo that shows you a little more of the park.....there are some nicer areas, but I think a lot of these folks pay to be there all year!  I'm going to see if I can find the lake today and do a little more exploring of this place.

I also want to welcome "Ali" thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.  Be sure and check out Ali's blogspot as I think you will find it interesting.  They became full timers in March of 2010 and are currently working and traveling with a carnival.


  1. Well sounds like Bill is like me. I never pick the right park when I am in charge...that is why I am not in charge. I like to have a destination but mine is always the wrong one...I do get Sherri to looking however and then we get things right. Have fun and let us know what you find on your exploration.

  2. If I find that all reviews of a park are negative I usually don't stay there. There have been a couple of times though that I've gone ahead and tried it, and they aren't nearly as bad as depicted. Some people like to complain a lot about everything. When I write a review I always try to find at least one positive thing if I can, unless the place is really bad. Sometimes you just have to see for yourself.


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