Saturday, April 24, 2010


Back in Indiana!  We made it to O'bannon Woods early afternoon, yesterday.  We found our site......way in the back of the park.  Most of the sites here are short, tight, and close together.  If you head to the back, you can find a little more breathing room.  You do have a small asphalt pad and if you are lucky you can get your door to line up over the small patio extension.  There are very few 'level' sites, most have issues one way or the other or both.  Our site is no exception.  I will try and get some photos.....if it ever stops raining.  It is supposed to rain here for the next few days and we could see some strong storms.  In fact, last night the ranger paid us a visit.  He was going around the park, making sure everyone knew there could be severe weather this weekend.  He also informed us of where the 'safe' spots were located here in the park.  Petty nice for him to take the time to do that!

We spent last evening with our grandson and his mom.  We all had dinner at Culver's.  It was so good to see them both and get my arms around them again.  Triston talked a mile a minute....filling us in on his day and the game of T-ball he had just finished.  They will come over today and they are bringing their WII .   It should be an interesting day....and something tells me I'm going to be one tired Grandma at the end of it.....but that is a very "Goode" thing....LOL!

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  1. I know about the rain...we have had plenty! We are headed to east Texas tomorrow.


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