Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We will be landing at our spot up on the Tippecanoe River early afternoon.  Yep!  Back to the twilight zone of cell signals, television signals, and internet signals.....they all but cease to exist.  We had the 'professionals' set up our direct tv dish last summer when we started our service.  Billy was smart enough to put a stake in the ground to 'mark the spot' where the tripod had been sitting...so hopefully we will be able to locate the satellite signal without to much trouble.  Next, will come the antenna we place on top of the fifth wheel to boost our signal for our cell phones and our verizon air card.  It helps, but it is still very spotty and the internet is wwaaaaayyyy slow.  One thing I did do yesterday was order a land line phone.....with the house on the market folks need to be able to reach us.  It will also make it easier for family and friends to call.  It takes about 150 feet of phone line to go from the connection at the family cabin to our fifth wheel, but it is worth it.   This is the same distance for the sewer hook up....and of course it is up hill so Billy has to 'pump' the sewage with our macerator.

Even with all that.....the river holds a special place in my heart.  Lots of family memories were and are still made here.  It is a beautiful, quiet place.....roots run deep here....

Welcome "Char"....thanks for following my blog....feel free to make comments or ask questions.....

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  1. I find it outrageous that with all the advances in technology - i.e., HD TV, iPhones and Blackberries, and high speed internet, that there are still so many places where you can't get a decent signal of any kind. I will be facing that situation for 6 wks this summer, but I just have to prepare mentally for it.

    It sounds like a beautiful place you're in, so maybe you won't miss all the connectivity and TV so much. Under most circumstances I'd rather be sitting outdoors than inside watching TV.


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