Monday, November 1, 2010

Pass on This Park

We left Toad Suck park today and headed toward Oklahoma along highway 4o.  We had done our research (I thought) and had decided to stay in a small rv park in Checotah, Oklahoma called Oneda RV park.  I checked out the parks web site  and for a quick overnight stay it looked acceptable, plus it is a Passport America park so the the price was right (12.50).   When we exited the highway and Oneda RV park came into say we were disappointed is an understatement.  The park is in very poor condition with several permanent rvs....all old and with lots of trash around them.  Apparently the photo on the web site had been carefully cropped so one did not see the trashy surroundings.  We really considered getting back on the highway, but we had done our research and knew that rv parks were far and few between in this neck of the woods.  So, reluctantly we pulled into a large pull through at the end of the row.  At least we were somewhat removed from the worst of the park and no one could pull in next to us on the curb side of our fifth wheel.  The park owner was friendly.  BUT.....I made the mistake of asking her to recommend a good restaurant in town.  She did.....we went....and all I can say is.....YUCK.  The restaurant was as run down as the park and the food was awful.  I couldn't even eat mine.  Back at the fiver the shades were drawn, the door was shut, and we were in for the night.  I can't wait to put this park in our rear view mirror......


  1. You find one like that every once in a while. Just overnight and get on the road tomorrow morning!

  2. Good thing it is only costing you $12.501

  3. Unfortunately there are a fair number of those kind of places out there and sometimes they are the only choice. We use rvparkreviews,com to try and avoid the really bottom end places. So far we have not found the perfect system yet.


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