Friday, March 13, 2009

March 12, 2009

Well what do ya know, the folks there at South Dakota Vehicle registration came through and I was able to get our fiver renewal completed online today. That is a very good thing!

We decided to head over to the Arizona Marketplace (otherwise know as ye old flea market--which really isn’t a flea market---but, oh my brain hurts again....) I wanted to trade in some of my old paperbacks for some new ones and DH had his eye on some rv stuff. That didn’t take long at all--mission accomplished on both counts.

Next we headed over where some guy was a selling some strawberries. Really good looking strawberries---got me a pint of those for my pancakes in the morning :-) There just happened to be a “taco stand” next door to the strawberry guy. DH inquired about the taco stand.......strawberry man replied “tis good, very good”. Naturally we were off to the taco stand for lunch. Wow, I had the biggest California style burrito I think I have ever had! Now, just what is a California burrito you ask.......well, it is steak, potatoes, cheese, and a little sour cream...and it is good, very good.

Back at the fiver, DH took his usual seat in front of his computer. I curled up in my recliner with my Stephen King Novel. After that big burrito, supper consisted of a bowl of cereal............then back to my book......all in all it twas a very “goode” day!

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