Monday, March 30, 2009

March 29, 2009

Today is overcast, but the temp is not bad---I think a high in the low 70’s. DH decided it was a good day to clean up the truck and the nose of the fiver. I know I spoke about the migration of the Pretty Ladies (butterflies) while we were in Yuma. Well the ‘Ladies’ don’t look so nice when they are squished on your windshield and the nose of your fiver.....YUCK! DH spent most of the day removing them. Once again, we are all ‘sparkly’ clean!

I turned my attention to the inside. It is really in pretty good shape....the surroundings here in North Park are a lot less ‘sandy’. We have more rock and ground cover which helps keep the sand at bay. I put the furballs out in their X-Pen so they could enjoy the day and keep an eye on DH. I then, did a little light dusting, ran sweeper, and mopped the floor. Sooo, now the inside matches the sparkly-ness of the outside. :-)

Our next big accomplishment for the day was our very first purchase on Ebay. I was doing some research on our satellite---looking for replacement parts in the event it was damaged from the fall the other day. I ran across an auction going on Ebay. It was for a used radio arm. The seller had high marks and a good return policy. The starting bid was $50.00 and so we decided to jump in. Even after we found our satellite was working, we decided having some spare parts would be a good thing. We started out with a max bid of $70.00. We ended up winning the auction with a bid of $86.00. We felt pretty good about that as the new radio arms run around $250-$300. Now, we think we may look into the used Direct Tv equipment. We have been debating the whole ‘tv’ issue for awhile. We have been getting by with just our antennae, but there is no question we would enjoy having more channels available to us. We are not interested in High Def--we are perfectly happy with the regular old digital signal. That means we could use the older dishes---seems to be a lot of those available now from folks who upgraded to the HD. I’m just not willing to pay an extra $10 bucks a month for the privilege of an HD signal! The receiver is going to be a little trickery---we want to be able to have more than one tv and we want to be able to watch one channel and record another. More research is in order before we jump in, but hey that is DH speciality!

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