Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 13, 2009

Today was house or should I say fiver cleaning day. DH once again took the furballs out for a walk so I could get my job done a little easier. One thing about liven in a fifth wheel---not a whole lot to clean.

Once we were all clean and spiffy again---I picked up my Stephen King Novel and resumed by place in my easy chair. You see, that is the problem with a good book. It is so very hard to put down. I need to get back to my sewing table and finish up my ‘coverlets’. Hopefully, I will be more motivated tomorrow. Procrastination has always been one of my closest friends. Sad to say, that has not improved with this lifestyle. DH always told me I did my best work under pressure--in other words--under a deadline. Of course, there are no deadlines here--except the self imposed ones! But, the fiver is starting to look like home--my home. That is important. I’m all about color and style with a little bit of whimsey thrown in for good measure. I also need to feel that sense of accomplishment I feel when the job is done and done well. An artist ego is a fragile thing, it constantly needs to be stroked (just ask DH husband). We are never quite sure that we did it right---it always seems it could be better. Somehow, I’m still always surprised and a little relieved when someone compliments my work. Just a little bit of insight into an ‘artist head’.

By the by, I saw my first Roadrunner the other day here at the park. I was so excited and of course, now I want to paint one---BEEP! BEEP!

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